San Francisco ain’t cheap. We know that in order to attend our wedding, you’ll be spending a lot on airfare and accommodations. Truly, this is gift enough. We are so appreciative that you are willing to shell out the time and dough to come celebrate with us.

Still feel like you want to give us a lil’ somethin’? Then this part is for you! Since we’ve both been living as adults in our own homes for over a decade, we have most of the household items we need. We also live in a tiny, 600-square foot apartment with virtually no storage. So in lieu of a traditional registry at West Elm or Target, we are asking for your help in funding our honeymoon.

We’ve registered our trip to Hawaii along with a few home goods that could use an upgrade.

Thirdly, we’d love just as much if you made a donation to one of our favorite nonprofits in our name. These three are near and dear to our hearts:

HIP Housing

SF Society for the Protection of Crulity to Animals

American Civil Liberites Union